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Two-channel vibration analysis device – one vibration channel and one odometer channel

Category: Portable Vibration Analysis
  • It has an internal thermometer
  • Ability to display Time signal and FFT graphs
  • Ability to display Envelope diagram and troubleshoot bearing components
  • Ability to display speed, acceleration and displacement
  • It has full option software and unlimited installation capability
  • Show vibrations live
  • Ability to measure from BNC panel
  • The ability to measure vibrations using a tachometer
  • It has a version that can be used in explosive environments
  • Photography camera Touch screen in addition to the button keyboard
  • Data transfer via WIFI in addition to USB connection

4 reviews for VIBPRO V2 PLUS

  1. Stuart

    Another great quality product that anyone who see’s me wearing has asked where to purchase one of their own.

  2. Ryan

    This hoodie gets me lots of looks while out in public, I got the blue one and it’s awesome. Not sure if people are looking at my hoodie only, or also at my rocking bod.

  3. Maria

    Ship it!

  4. teste


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