UP15000/ UP15000 IS

Ultrasonic sound analyzer UP15000/ UP15000 IS

Category: Ultrasonic sound analysis
  • Finding gas leaks in pipelines and connections
  • Finding leaks in Heat Exchanger, Condenser and Tank before installation and during operation
  • Finding leaks in closed containers such as tanks, shells, fireproof rooms, enclosures, etc., to find leaks in valves, doors, pipes, etc.
  • Verifying the accuracy of valves (gate, globe and butterfly) and Steam Traps
  • Inspection of rolling bearing defects (much faster and easier than vibration analysis and with the advantage of diagnosing low-end bearings that cannot be detected by vibration analysis)
  • Ability to display Time Signal and FFT frequency spectrum on the device and in the software
  • Inspection of gearbox defects, cavitation and lack of lubrication
  • It has software with unlimited installation capabilities
  • Investigation of electrical defects (Arcing, Tracking and Corona) in SWITCHGEAR, TRANSFORMERS (Partial Discharge), INSULATORS, JUNCTION BOXES, CIRCUIT BREAKERS, POTHEADS
  1. Color touch screen
  2. Photography camera
  3. strobolite
  4. thermometer
  5. Checking the defects of reciprocating compressor valves with very high accuracy


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