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Five-channel vibration analysis device – four vibration channels and one odometer channel

Category: Portable Vibration Analysis
  • It has a three-way wireless sensor
  • Three-way data acquisition in just 6 seconds with a resolution of 12800 Line including Time wave, FFT, bearing status and automatic and fully intelligent troubleshooting
  • With strobolight, thermometer, barcode reader, internal camera
  • Fully intelligent and automatic troubleshooting using the Acurrex module
  • Ability to display Time signal, FFT, Envelope, Run Up, Cost Down, Shaft Orbit, Cross Phase, Cepstrum, Circular Time Waveform, ODS, TEST Hammer, FRF and other analyses. . .
  • Four-page balance capability – two machine pages and two coupling pages
  • Ability to analyze in real time
  • Ability to measure SFx and HMx parameters for monitoring bearings and gearboxes
  • It has a frequency spectrum resolution of 204800 Line
  • Sampling time signal up to 262K
  • Ability to measure vibrations up to 80 KHz frequency
  • The ability to predict and simulate the state of vibrations before applying the balance mass
  • Audio note recording function on the measurement data
  • It has 4GB onboard memory It has a 6200 mAh battery It has full option software and unlimited installation capability
  • Show vibrations live
  • Ability to measure from BNC panel
  • It has a version that can be used in explosive environments


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