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EVO Device – Shaft Alignment And Coupling

Category: Shaft Alignment And Coupling
  • It has a lifetime warranty (thirty years) and a wireless alignment system
  • Ability to align horizontal and vertical shafts
  • Ability to display misalignment live – View misalignment live due to the slightest change in the foundations
  • Ability to check the looseness of the bases – Soft Foot
  • The ability to define target values ​​- for shafts that should be installed misaligned in the cold state to be aligned in the hot state
  • The ability to define and store the dimensions and information of an unlimited number of cars in memory for future use
  • The ability to remove vibrations during alignment – vibrations caused by the surrounding machines working to the desired machine
  • The possibility of effortless alignment of machines with long spacers (smaller equal to 10 meters)
  • Ability to align in direct sunlight without the slightest limitation
  • Completely user-friendly – such that all the menus of the device are in the form of icons and schematics, and there is no text in the menus
  • It has a battery charge display for laser sensors
  • Ability to add Non-Rotating Part fixture for non-rotating shafts – Optionally


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