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Bearing Defender

2 customer reviews

Three-Way Wireless Sensor

Category: Portable Vibration Analysis
  • Intelligent troubleshooting of bearings
  • Intelligent troubleshooting of mass and misalignment
  • Display the frequency spectrum for troubleshooting
  • Display of unauthorized vibrations based on the ISO standard
  • Ability to display speed, acceleration and displacement
  • Show vibrations live
  • The ability to hear the bearing sound using headphones
  • Report on the condition of the car as a screen shot
  • The ability to send reports via email
  • Can be used in explosive environments

2 reviews for Bearing Defender

  1. Cobus Bester

    This hoodie is great for those chilly winter days. I love the WooNinja!

  2. Maria

    Perfect for the lady Ninja in your life!

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